Online Fitness Coaching

At Shaffer Elite Fitness, I highly recommend a personal, physical relationship. By meeting one-on-one or in a small group, I can help correct form, teach technique, and answer questions immediately, which means you, the client, are more likely to remember the information. But I am also aware that in today’s technologically savvy era, geographic proximity is no longer the defining detail that it once was. Hopefully, you heard about Shaffer Elite Fitness through a recommendation from an acquaintance who is currently, or has been, a client and is happy with their success. Maybe you just found it through the interwebs. In any case, we can build a program that suits your needs using the technology right at our fingertips. Here are just a few of the ways we make this work:

-Initial consultation using FaceTime or Skype
-Client portal for regular check ins
-Personal program shared online
-Email, text, or call with questions
-Video technique assistance, when necessary
-YouTube library of exercises (coming soon)


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