I, David Shaffer, officially began my career as a personal trainer in 2014 when I started working at Sport&Health in Gaithersburg, MD. While there, I worked my way up to Elite status. Now, I am bringing my knowledge, experience, and client-first attitude to the Gettysburg area. I look forward to working with YOU!

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Shaffer Elite Fitness offers more than just personal training. That term is vague, unspecific, and indifferent. I have worked with dozens of trainers over the past few years, some who were very successful, and some who were not. One thing I learned is that no matter how knowledgeable and experienced the trainer is, if the program they design is not unique to their client’s goals, the relationship can instead feel like impersonal training. Not only is the client not happy, but they do not see results and it can lead to a lot of time and money down the drain.

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This is why I believe Shaffer Elite Fitness is different. Every person that contacts me has a unique goal in mind, and each unique goal deserves a unique training approach. Why should the 50 year old runner that wants to improve her 5k time follow the same program as the 25 year old groom-to-be who wants to lose 10 pounds before his wedding? Does the 75 year old grandfather who wants to improve his flexibility and balance so he can play with his grandchildren need to max out his squat, or is that better suited to the the 17 year old soccer player working her way toward a college scholarship?

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At Shaffer Elite Fitness, I know that every person has a unique goal. That is why I work hard to make sure that every client knows why they are doing each exercise, what muscles and movements are in play, and how it helps them toward their goal. When you begin working with me, we form a relationship where your needs come first. If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then do not wait. Contact me today and set up your free consultation to see what Shaffer Elite Fitness can do for you.

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