Training: I earned my first personal training certification in 2011. In 2014, I began working for Sport&Health Clubs in Maryland, where I worked my way up to status as an Elite trainer. I am continually improving myself by learning new techniques, exercises, programming strategies, and by staying up-to-date on the latest fitness research and trends. I believe that when the brain gets bored, it disengages, which can lead to poor form, injury, lack of motivation and a plateau in your results. My philosophy is that fitness ultimately should be fun–something you enjoy doing. If it is tedious, boring, or too complicated, the chances are high that you will not continue, which will absolutely lead to a break down in results. Positive fitness and wellness results require a full lifestyle change in order to be effective in the long run.

Athletics: I grew up in Gettysburg and participated in just about any sport I could. My most competitive sport was soccer, but I also played baseball and tennis, wrestled, and ran cross country throughout my childhood. I was a three sport athlete in high school, competing in soccer, wrestling, and tennis. I also competed in individual athletics, including running, cycling, and triathlon. My current focus is on endurance events. I have completed 18 marathons, including qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon three times. I have also completed other events of all different types and lengths from sprint to iron-distance triathlons, mountain bike races, adventure races, mud-runs, and a 200-mile running relay. I have completed a few multi-day bike trips, including a solo trip across the United States in 2008. From 2015-2018, I ran at least one mile outside every day for over 1000 consecutive days.

Coaching: Ever since high school, I have loved coaching, especially soccer. My senior project was to coach an AYSO team, after which I helped train a local club team. Since graduating, I have coached every level from youth through high school, including five years at Magruder High School in Rockville, MD, and five years as the head coach of the New Oxford Girls. I get great enjoyment from working with young athletes and seeing them develop both as competitors and as people. I am a huge proponent of organized athletics, and team sports especially, and the role they play in developing strong character, competitive drive, work ethic, dedication, teamwork and cooperation. I am not currently coaching a competitive team, as I am choosing to spend more time with my son, but I will definitely return to the ranks in the future.

Family: I met my beautiful wife Amelia in 2012. We have been happily married since August, 2014. In December, 2018, we rescued Doc, a Transylvanian hound, who you will see around the studio with me many days. Our son Ian was born in March, 2021. Together, we enjoy being outdoors and adventuring through hiking, bicycling, and taking plenty of trips to the park and playground. We also find time to sit, relax, and take in the company of friends and family. My extended family has been involved in numerous sports, clubs, organizations and businesses in the Gettysburg area, so you may know my mom, Jamie, my dad, Gary, or my siblings Bill, Kendra, Megan, Bryce and Michael.