Winter Strength Training Series for Runners

Winter is right around the corner, and with the change in season come decreased daylight hours, bitter temperatures, snow, ice and, of course, the most dreaded nine letters in running – the treadmill.

BUT, it also produces a great opportunity to rehab injuries, increase flexibility, and cross train, all of which can lead to becoming a stronger, faster runner.

“How?” you ask. Join us as we explore staples of off-season (and, in-season, ideally) training, and find out how a focused routine now will improve your running for months and years to come.

Session 1 – Flexibility & Proper Warm Up

Session 2 – Injury Rehab, Prevention, & Small Muscle Strength

Session 3 – Strength Training


Where:       Shaffer Elite Fitness
                    26 N. 4th Street
When:        Tuesdays, December 4, 11, & 18
Time:          7:00 PM
Cost:           $15

Space is limited,
so don’t wait!

December 4 – Flexibility & Proper Warm Up

Colder temperatures mean colder, stiffer muscles. When the temperature is warmer, we often don’t spend a lot of time “warming up” before we run because our muscles are already “warm;” but when the temperature drops, that same approach can lead to injury. The first session in the series focuses on when and how to stretch, a dynamic warm up with running specific exercises, and the benefits of foam rolling.

December 11 – Injury Rehab, Prevention, & Small Muscle Strength

The next session in the series builds on the topics from the prior week with a focus on those nagging, running injuries. Nobody likes to be hurt, and a twinge in the knee can ruin a run. Learn how to rehab those minor aches and pains and what to do to prevent them in the future. Hint, the answer often lies in strength training.

December 18 – Strength Training

“No! Not strength training!” I know, how on earth can building strength benefit runners – athletes obsessed with being “light?” Would it surprise you that most of the top runners in the world hit the gym two or three times per week? Come learn the best exercises for runners and how you can use them to run longer, faster, and injury free!