Name Barb
Goals Increase running specific strength; decrease hip pain; functional fitness

“I feel like I am a much stronger runner. David has improved the strength in my core, legs and glutes, and I definitely notice the difference in my running. David is really good at helping you learn which muscles you are working and how to isolate them. David has a thorough knowledge of muscles and the body. If I came in with problems or muscle pain, he always listened to me and came up with ways to address the issue. Working on my own, I maintained some level of fitness; but I never really understood how much more I could do, how much better I could feel, and  how much stronger I could be, until I started working with David.”


Name – Tommy
Goals – Increase strength, add muscle, and improve physique

“David consistently builds workouts that make you hate him while it’s happening and love him when it’s done. I am much stronger now than before I started training with David. His exercise selection is always great, and he always keeps it fun. It never feels like we are repeating the same routine. I always look forward to my early morning workouts!”


Name – Leslie
Goals – Surfing related balance, core strength, and endurance; functional fitness

“On days when I think I am never going to make it through a training session with David, not only do I succeed, I leave the gym feeling 100% better than when I arrived. David’s ability to remain flexible and address out of the ordinary problems such as a sudden, slight injury is a huge bonus to his clients. My ability to paddle hard while in the ocean on my surfboard is one example of the fruits of my labor.”


Name – Tom
Goals – Balance, core strength and stability, endurance running strength and injury prevention

[Tom is a former Boston Qualifier and has been running marathons for many years.] “For about two years I had been incurring running injuries that prevented me from running marathons. I chose David to work with when I became aware that he runs marathons and competes in endurance events. Since the time I started working with David, I have experienced significant improvement in strength and endurance. David designed a program for me and worked directly with me. Now, after several months, I recently completed a marathon injury free and I am fit enough to train for another marathon” [and attempt to requalify for Boston.]


Name – Kevin
Goals – Balance, flexibility, and strength

When I saw my cardiologist earlier this year, he said I appeared to have the body of someone 20 years younger. I attribute this in large measure to my weekly session with David. I believe I made significant progress on all of my goals. David excels at exercise selection and program design. Each session involved a variety of different exercises that helped me develop in different areas. And, although not my favorite aspect, the exercises were generally structured to become increasingly harder with each cycle, forcing me to try to go beyond what I thought were my limits.”


Name – JoAnne
Goals – Manage pain from Fibromyalgia, gain strength, and run

When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2011, I had already been suffering a long time. In 2013, I said to myself, “I’m going to kick this s@!# out of my body”. With that mind set, I started to walk. Even that was hard; but the more I moved, the less I hurt. So, I kept moving. I tried different classes at the gym but most were too much for me, until I started going to David’s 6 AM classes. The first few sessions were hard for me, and I thought, “I can’t do this,” but his calm way of instructing, correcting our form and posture, and even his choice of music made me want to give it a little more time. Then I started to see and feel my body loosening up. That was about a year ago, and now I participate in various group fitness and yoga classes, cycle, and even run! I still have pain that I manage, but the confidence I got from working with David helped me to see that I CAN do these things.