Shaffer Elite Fitness offers a variety of training services. While a professional training style, elite programming, and client-first attitude are essential in all my services, the variety of formats enables you to find one that fits your goals and needs.

Personal & Group Training

This option is the perfect starting point for most clients. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain strength, rehab an injury, or just improve your overall fitness level, I can help you get there with individualized training programs, motivation, and accountability.

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Running & Endurance Coaching

Are you looking to run your first 5k? Or are you looking to finally knock that marathon off your bucket list? Want to add an obstacle course race or triathlon to your calendar? Whatever the race, whatever the distance, I will make sure that you have the training calendar, necessary strength and mechanics, and fueling knowledge to help you finish strong.

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Athlete & Team Training

Perfect for the youngster just getting started in athletics, the elite high school athlete looking for a cutting edge advantage, or even the adult looking to stay healthy and competitive in a rec league. I focus on the necessary sport-specific strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, and more, to keep you, the athlete at the top of your game.

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Online Fitness Coaching & Virtual Training

While there are a lot of benefits to in-person training, the technology available today allows a client-trainer relationship outside the realms of close, geographic vicinity. Whether it is preparing a workout plan for you to follow on your own time, or setting up a live virtual training session using Zoom, we have the set-up that is right for you!

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