Athlete & Team Training

Whether your goal is to earn a college scholarship, increase your speed and agility, or just make it through the church softball season without an injury, this is the place for you. Shaffer Elite Fitness offers the tools to help you get to, and stay at, the top of your game.

Here are a couple of the ways Shaffer Elite Fitness can help you:
Beginner/Youth Athletes – The most beneficial skill for a young athlete to learn is how to properly use their body. Focusing on body control, hand-eye coordination, reaction training, and balance are necessary building blocks to success. Only after these skills are in place will the sport-specific ball and stick skills really start to make sense and show improvement.
Experienced/Teen Athletes – At this level, the athlete will start to focus on sport-specific skills and training to improve their game. For example, a soccer player may want to focus on foot speed, agility, and endurance, while a football player will focus on power, explosiveness, and change of direction.
Adult/Rec League Athletes – All you’re looking for in sports is an opportunity to shoot some hoops with your friends, move well enough for a long rally in tennis, add yardage off the tee, or make it through the men’s league softball season without “pulling a hammie.” Shaffer Elite Fitness can help you do all these things and more. Who knows, maybe you’ll even impress your buddies with how well you’re moving around the field!
-Team Strength Training & Conditioning – Shaffer Elite Fitness offers conditioning programs and strength training regimens for teams at all levels, from recreational to club to varsity. Think how much more training time your team can spend on sport-specific skills if they are already “in shape” at the beginning of the season. Consider how much more competitive your athletes will be in the closing moments of a close game when they are in peak conditioning. Call Shaffer Elite Fitness today, and put your team ahead of the pack!

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