“How much is this going to cost?” I am going to be up front that personal training is an investment. It’s not a secret. I obviously need to charge for my services. It’s how I eat. That being said, it is an investment in yourself, and an important one, at that.

Working for a big, corporate gym gave me a lot of great experience, and it helped me greatly improve my skills. However, one of my least favorite parts of working there was the lack of control over what I was allowed to charge. It pained me to turn away members who were more than ready to make life changes but simply could not come up with the necessary funds. On the flip side, I occasionally trained clients who had all the money but none of the interest. Often times, they were the clients who wasted the most time, saw the least success, and caused me the most headaches. I would rather work part-time with the client who is itching to improve than full-time with the client who isn’t, to put it simply.

To make a long story short, if you are really ready to improve your life, then I am ready to work with you. Together, we will figure out an arrangement to get you what you need. Below are some of my average rates, but we will take into account numerous factors when designing a package for you.

Please never let cost be the reason that you don’t work toward a better life today. If you have the will, I have the way. So contact me today and set up a consult so we can get started.

Average personal training rates – $45/hour
Average group training rates – $20/hour/person
Average team training rates – $15/player/session
Average endurance training rates – $100/month
Average online training rates – $100/month

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