Endurance Training

Sometimes, you just need to test your limits. Is this your first 5k? Shaffer Elite Fitness can help you find the motivation to get out the door and on your way. Aiming for an age group podium in your next triathlon? Shaffer Elite Fitness can help make sure you are race ready and peaking at just the right time. Ready to knock that century ride off your bucket list, but you are not sure how to safely build up that much mileage? Shaffer Elite Fitness has a training calendar for you.

At Shaffer Elite Fitness, pushing you past physical and mental limits is what I do. I will help create a training plan to get you safely and efficiently to your goal. Based on the event that you have chosen, I will formulate a schedule that works for you.

Whatever the goal. Whatever the event. Choose Shaffer Elite Fitness from start to finish.


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